2014 Farragut Football Coaching Staff


Seated L to R: Rory Gibbs, Rusty Partin, Gerald Robinson, Eddie Courtney, Joe Hassell, Brian Milan, Geoff Courtney

Standing L to R: David Hawkins, Chase Scott, Tom Doucette, Alex Cain, Jason West, Reese Browning, Hal Brooker(not pictured)


Head Coach: Eddie Courtney

Offensive Coordinator:  Rusty Partin

Offensive Line:  Joe Hassell

Quarterbacks:  Reese Browning

Wide Receivers: Brian Milan

Running Backs:  Rory Gibbs

Kickers/Specialist:  Gerald Robinson

Offensive Asst.:  Jason West

Defensive Line:  Tom Doucette

Defensive Backs:  Geoff Courtney

Outside Linebackers:  David Hawkins

Linebackers: Hal Brooker

Defensive Asst.:  Alex Cain

Video Coordinator:  Chase Scott